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Our history

A family story, throught five generations

The story of Vignobles Chevalier is part of our family history which, since 1850 and from father to son, has passed on the love of the land and the vines.

Thanks to this passion, over the generations, we have been able to develop the family business, expand the vineyard and offer new wines. Also, because we have been able to listen to our customers and constantly innovate.

We are continuing the adventure initiated 170 years ago by our elders with the same passion and the same spirit of innovation.

Eric & Richard Chevalier

Vignobles Chevalier
timeline :

1850 : The first "Chevalier", our great-great grandparents, are already winemakers at Lapouyade, north of Fronsac
1922 Pierre and Marie Chevalier, our great grandparents bought the Château Tasta in Fronsac where a part of the family is still owner

1947 : Armand Chevalier, our grandfather and vinelover, settles at Château Haut L'Abeille to found what would become the largest estate of Vignobles Chevalier

1982 : Our father, Christian Chevalier, Armand's son, took over the estate by buying 18 hectares of adjoining vines

1996 : Us, Richard & Eric Chevalier, Christian's sons, have bought Château Lafleur de Viaud, a nice plot of 7 hectares in Lalande-de-Pomerol
2010 : We became owner of a small estate at Saint-Emilion, named Château Chevalier Lescours
2019 : We owned again a wonderful tiny plot at Pomerol, that we called Clos 126, because of it's plot's name

From left to right: our grandparents Armand & Odette Chevalier
and our great grandfather Pierre Chevalier

Our philosophy

Yes, we are philosophers... and good living people.

We are independant winegrower and we produce our wine with passion.

We cultivate our vines with a responsible farming to respect the environment, harvest by hands as much as we can, vinify ou wines with less input as possible , age them the most naturaly and always in french oak barrels for our best cuvées. Finally, all our wines are bottled at the estate.

We create original cuvées in limited quantities , distincted by the terroir, the age of the vines, the grape varieties and the blending, offering nice qualities, reachable - for all the different customers - and for all the sharing and conviviality's occasions.

Because we love sharing the love of our passion to all of you.

Our environmental

We respect the vine and the soil and have always been concerned about the environment - that is ours too, because we live and work everyday in the middle of our vines.

But today, we must communicate on what we are doing to protect the environment...

It is for this purpose that we are now part of a global environmental certification process with HVE3 certification for all of our vineyards since September 2020.

("High Environmental Value" level 3/3: the hightest responsible farming certification level nowadays).

But we want to go even further.

Our Pomerol plot has been cultivated in organic farming and certified organic for 10 years, we now also apply to our estates in Bordeaux, Lalande-de-Pomerol and Saint-Emilion these farming practices that are even more respectful of the environment.

This is the reason why we have started converting all of our vineyards to organic farming with a view to AB certification for the 2022 vintage.

Jean-Philippe Fort, from Michel Rolland's team, works in collaboration with us in our winemaking processes and our oenological choices.

L'abus d'alcool est dangereux pour la santé, à consommer avec modération. Nous devons nous assurer que vous avez bien l’âge requis dans votre pays de résidence pour la consommation et l’achat de boissons alcoolisées.